Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System Review

dermagist complete rejuvenation SystemDermagist Complete Rejuvenation System

Our Top Rated Wrinkle Cream

Experts worldwide agree that when it comes on state of the art, ground breaking, anti aging skin care, consumers need to look no further than Dermagist Cosmeceuticals.  The Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System is the flag-ship anti aging product of the Dermagist range, and still, all these years later, the best seller for the company.  You can read other reviews on them here.

For those of you who don’t already know about Dermagist, this company has been setting the standard in top of the line anti aging skin care for years.  Their results are unparalleled and the numbers of loyal users is simply staggering.  A quick look at their facebook page reveals literally thousands of personal testimonials that are as equally enthusiastic as we are about this product. Read more

Olay Pro X Anti Aging Serum

olay+pro+x-300x300Summary of Olay Pro X

For those of you who stick to the local drug store or beauty supply store for their skin care regimen, the Olay Pro X line is probably not new to you. It is one of Olay’s recent attempt to corner the anti aging market.  They offer two different anti aging product lines, the Pro X line being one of them.

While we have never quite understood what the difference is between the two product lines, other than a way to offer multiple products for similar skin conditions.  This is, in fact, a common practice for skin care companies of this size.   Since budget is of no concern, they tend to try as many angles as possible to recruit consumers to use their products.  We were interested to see how Olay Pro X would really compare. Read more

Creme de la Mer

NMC2676_mx-240x300Summary of Creme de la Mer

This little container may not look like much from the outside, but the Creme de la Mer moisturizing cream is priced like one of the industries most luxurious treats.  Anyone that consistently reads our posts knows that we don’t put much emphasis on price alone, but according to online reviews we could see that the reputation seemed, at least initially, to match the price tag.

As industry experts, we understand that no matter what the brand, product or price tag, it ultimately comes down to what active ingredients the product contains, and whether or not those ingredients work for you.  That is what concerned us a bit about Creme de la Mer, it looked to us, at first, as though this product was basically a very well formulated moisturizer.  Nothing ground breaking, nothing even scientific just a basic moisturizer, but one that is really good at keeping skin soft and moist.

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Strivectin SD Wrinkle Cream

s1313097-main-heroSummary of Strivectin SD Wrinkle Cream

Strivectin SD is a well known brand within the anti aging marketplace.  It has been present in department stores for  years and as such is well recognized by the pre-internet consumer base.  What most people do not know about Strivectin SD was that it was originally developed as a solution for stretch marks.  Fortunately for them, it also proved to help develop collagen and elastin, which allowed them to change gears and use this cream as a wrinkle cream for consumers, as the demand for anti aging product sky rocketed a few years ago.

As is the case with so many of the reputable skin care companies out there, Stivectin SD uses a cellular regeneration approach to removing wrinkles.   Read more

La Prairie Cellular Charge

204Summary of La Prairie Cellular Charge

Very few of our readers have hands on experience with La Prairie Cellular Charge.  Priced at roughly $500 per bottle, that comes as no surprise.  What may surprise you, however, is the fact that most consumers would consider purchasing a wrinkle cream at this price, IF they were assured that the product would work.

While there are many fabulous wrinkle creams on the market, there is no guarantee that any of them are going to work on your skin.  Skin care is a very personal thing, what works on your best friend may not work on you. All you can do is use a wrinkle cream that has proven to work well on the majority of its users.  At $500 / bottle, that is a fairly significant investment each month to continue using La Prairie Cellular Charge.   Read more

Skinlastin Wrinkle Cream by Dermagevity

skinlastin-creamSummary Skinlastin Wrinkle Cream

You may have heard of Dermagevity’s product line before.  It consists of Skinlastin wrinkle cream as well as Eyelastin eye cream.  It is always interesting when a company offers you an “all in one” anti aging treatment, and then also sell other anti aging treatments too.  Why would there be a need for other anti aging treatments if the one product is truly all in one.

Now we know we are being difficult on Skinlastin Wrinkle Cream right now, but it is inconsistencies like this that give the anti aging skin care industry a bad name.  Consumers are already skeptical about buying wrinkle creams because there are so many impostors out there.  That fact is multiplied when you have companies that offer these scam all in one products.   Read more

Prevera Wrinkle Cream

prevera-bottleSummary of Prevera Wrinkle Cream

While this skin care brand is not well known to the public, Prevera Wrinkle Cream has carved out a decent little niche within the industry by claiming to provide peptide based wrinkle creams at drug store brand prices.  Industry experts assure us that the only way to provide a real peptide based product at this price point would be to sacrifice the concentration.

The makers of Prevera Wrinkle Cream, however, state that this is not the case and that users can expect to have the same results as the leading wrinkle creams.  If that is the case than consumers may have found an ideal way to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin at a fraction of the cost of the best wrinkle creams.  The problem is that we have all heard this claim before, and as of yet, no one has been successful in creating a product that can compare.   Read more

HTY Gold Day Gold

daygold1Summary of HTY Gold Day Gold

For those of you who are familiar with HTY Gold Day Gold, know that it is the day time treatment for the face manufactured by HTY Gold.  While not the original or even the best selling product of the HTY Gold product range, it was the best suited for our readers.

HTY Gold made some headlines within the industry with their body treatment a few years back, it was a different way of looking at anti aging.  By treating the skin as one organ, HTY Gold devised a way for its users to heal and benefit multiple aspects of the skin and not just the face.  But alas, our readers tend to be focused on facial wrinkle creams or serums for areas of their skin that they cannot hide with clothes.  HTY Gold Day Gold is the facial treatment recommended for those types of users.  We were excited to check it out.   Read more

Faitox 25 Wrinkle Serum

Faitox__28751.1326489975.1280.1280-300x300Summary of Faitox 25 Wrinkle Serum

Faitox 25 is a brand that very few of our readers have heard of .  While searching the internet can reveal quite a bit of testimonials and reviews, it seems that this product has not reached the brand recognition level.  It is to be expected, as we are unable to find much about the company history before the past two years.

We are not sure if perhaps, this is just a new company that has come on the scene along with the anti aging skin care boom.  Many companies have popped up out of no where, making separating the best wrinkle creams and the impostors a difficult task.   Read more

Derm Exclusive Wrinkle Treatment

derm_exclusive_picSummary of Derm Exclusive Wrinkle Treatment

You may have seen this recent addition to the anti aging marketplace.  Beach Body, the makers of P90X and countless other workout videos, has entered into the anti aging skin care game with Derm Exclusive.  In typical beach body fashion, they have flooded the television airwaves with infomercials.  Derm Exclusive chose to feature a celebrity endorsement as well as tout the “Beverly Hills” doctor who created the formula.

If you read our blog here, you know that we consider the celebrity endorsement the lowest form of marketing, and the cliche doctor from a wealthy town, where celebrities are known to live gave us a bad initial impression of Derm Exclusive.  In fact, we considered not including it here on our blog.   Read more

SkinCell Vial 29 A

skincell (1)Summary of SkinCell Vial 29 A

SkinCell Vial 29 comes in what looks like an old school eye dropper.  Perhaps it is intended to provide you with the feeling of using something medical.  Keep in mind skin care products are considered cosmetics, and therefore are not even regulated by the FDA.  The eye dropper is a marketing ploy, as is the SkinCell Vial 29 name.  Needless to say, these tactics always rub us the wrong way.  While it really has absolutely no bearing on the quality of the product and whether or not it works, we have always felt that the quality of the product should speak for itself without the gimmicks.

Unfortunately, the more we examined SkinCell Vial 29 A, the more concerned AND interested we became.   Read more

Dermitage Anti Aging System

product_images_dmsc_kit (2)Summary of Dermitage Anti Aging System

Dermitage is a fairly well recognized brand name within the anti aging marketplace.  Sure, there are so many products out there that basically sound the same as Dermitage.  The Dermitage Anti Aging System, however seems to get a bit more notoriety than most brands.

Perhaps that is due to the amount of reviews that can be found online.  Overall the reviews are mixed, which is somewhat normal for a skincare company.  Some people like a product and others do not, that is just how it goes.  Unfortunately, when users turn around and post their comments as they do, a brand can get an unfair bit of press.   Read more

Envision Beauty

envision-beautySummary of Envision Beauty

Envision Beauty is a 5 in 1 facial moisturizer which is said to be a light moisturizer, as well as an anti aging serum, an eye cream, a professional make-up base and finally a night cream all wrapped up into one.  Naturally we are always skeptical of products that use this approach to skincare, but we were willing to keep an open mind.

Envision Beauty is not a well known brand, but there are a fair amount of searches for this product on the internet each month.  While the reviews are mixed on this product, their sales volume seems to be maintaining, which is generally a good sign.   Read more

Olay Regenerist

10910276-300x300 (1)Summary of Olay Regenerist

Unless you have been living on the moon for the past 25 years, you are aware of the Olay product line.  Recently, Olay Regenerist product line has hit the anti aging market place and had some success.  Its attractive price points and easy access to consumers have made a popular addition to the Olay product range.

Olay Regenerist has been able to find success at this price point, and consumers seem blind to the fact that it may take twice as many purchases to get results, however they are attracted to the fact each purchase costs them less.  As long as their patience for results holds firms, this is a way to spend a bit less each month and hopefully get the same results long term, albeit a bit longer term than the leading brands.

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LifeStyle Lift Reviews

LifeStyle Lift Reviews Reveal Mixed Results

Chances are you have come across the advertising for Lifestyle Lift.  This procedure is hyped in their ads by lifestyle lift is a surgery face liftclaiming it is a less invasive alternative than a face lift that delivers the same results, with less down time.  It truly does sound amazing.  In fact, I have found myself looking for the ads on TV so that I can catch more information about the procedure and just how it works.  Unfortunately, gathering information on this procedure was harder than I imagined it would be.

Avoid a surgery and see the top rated anti-wrinkle creams

To be clear, Lifestyle Lift is a surgery, and you should be expecting to have your skin and face cut and tightened just as is the case with a face lift.  The incisions may be a bit shorter than a traditional face lift, however the length can vary depending on the severity of the aging.  The procedure is done by making a series of small incisions in front of the ears and down and around the lower ear.  The skin is then tightened, with fat and excess skin being removed.  While the ads lead you to believe this procedure is less invasive than a face lift, there is very little difference with the Lifestyle Lift.

In our research and examination of user testimonials, most patients seem satisfied with the results and the results seem to last, although the jury is still out on that, the procedure is still relatively new.  This makes studying how long results last difficult to say the least.  It should be noted that many patients did not know that procedure was as involved as it was, instead they felt they were led to believe the recovery and side effects were minimum.  In the end, they seem satisfied with results but caution others to understand this is really a surgery with smaller cuts.

The cost of LifeStyle Life ranges depending on the severity of the aging and condition of the skin.  Prices range from $3000 – $11000 depending on your location and which doctor’s office you choose.  You should always compare a few surgeons before making your decision.  There are many locations where you can have the LifeStyle Lift done, in fact there are over 30 locations within the US.

If you are looking for anti-aging treatment, and have concerns about the risks of a face lift,  make sure you take the time to fully understand just what Lifestyle Lift is offering, in many cases the concerns you have may also apply to Lifestyle Lift.

Murad Resurgence Review

download (13)Murad Resurgence Review


Murad Resurgence has been on the market for quite some time and Dr. Murad is well respected within the industry.  You have probably seen the TV infomercial on Sunday mornings.  Joan Lunden and the girls chatting about how happy they are with the results of Resurgence.

Murad Resurgence is a 3 step system.  It is a basic three step approach.  Essentially, there is a cleanser (step one) the treatment cream (step two) and finally a moisturizer to finish (step three).  We say this is a basic approach, because in most cases that is all that is needed.  Get fresh, clean, exfoliated skin.  Apply a cream that helps with the signs of aging and finish with deep moisture cream.  Nowadays, some companies get you so involved with this specific treatment or that specific serum, it can be overwhelming. Read more