Friday December 09, 2016
Argireline is being touted by Doctors across America, including Dr. Oz, as an amazing “Botox alternative that comes in a cream”.  The craze that has swept the skin care industry has beauty retailers scrambling to find a quality product brand, which contains Argireline in the recommended concentration.  Due to the relative expensiveness of Argireline, only a rare few products are made with a high enough concentration.   Surprisingly, NONE of the big TV infomercial brands contain Argireline. 

How Exactly does Argireline Work for Wrinkles?

The benefits of  Argireline are very similar to those of Botox.   In fact, both ingredients are derived from the same molecules.   The argireline molecules penetrate the skin, and gently “paralyze” the tiny muscles under the skin which cause the wrinkles.   By doing so, the skin gets a tremendous smoothing effect, causing both the depth and width of the wrinkle to diminish.  This is the same process as Botox, but you don’t have to inject anything into the skin, and you can apply it yourself, rather than having to go to a doctor.

argireline on skin cell before and after

What can Maximize Argireline’s Effect on Wrinkles and Lines?

By combining other wrinkle-fighting ingredients into a cream, along with properly formulated Argireline, the results on wrinkles can be DRASTICALLY improved.   In particular, the use of two wrinkle fighting peptides which spur on the growth of Collagen and Elastin have proven extremely effective for reducing wrinkles.    In particular, Matrixyl, a peptide that gets your skin to produce Collage and Elastin at a higher rate (like our skin does when we are young) boosted the effectiveness of the Argireline by 70%.    Renovage, another peptide that works to reduce wrinkles, reduce redness and discoloration, and smooth lines also boosted the effectiveness of the Argireline by an additional 50%.


Bottom line… if you can find an anti-wrinkle treatment that contains the proper amount of Argireline, plus Matrixyl, plus Renovage… You better get it, and get it fast.

what argireline cream is besteye300-250Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System has quickly become the “go to” wrinkle and anti-aging treatment for those who are in the know.before-after-banner They KEY to erasing wrinkles and the signs of aging is by getting the skin to “think” it’s young again, and to start producing Elastin and Collagen like it did while we were young.  Powerful peptides, Argireline, Matrixyl and Renovage do exactly that.

America’s Hottest New Way to Remove Wrinkles, Lines, and Discoloration

The sudden coverage on TV and news about the benefits of Argireline when combined with Matrixyl and Renovage has caused one Anti-wrinkle Treatment to fly off the shelves. The unique blend of ingredients has really put this skin treatment in it’s own category.  It’s all natural, and non-prescription, but the results are truly incredible. The treatment is the Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation System.   Currently only available via their website, retail analyists estimate that supplies are going to run out soon. A Dermagist spokesperson said that the company insists it will continue to fill re-orders for existing customers, but supply for NEW customers may become limited. Currently, supply is In-stock, and ships the next business day.

What to Expect when using the Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation Systemcomplete-rejuvenation-system

  • Rapid reduction in wrinkles and lines of the face and neck
  • Drastic improvement in crows feet and expression lines
  • Shrinking of enlarge pores and improved complexion
  • Improvement of dark spots and discoloration and redness
  • Deeply moisturized, Smooth Soft skin
  • More youthful appearance in a matter of Days
  • Depth of wrinkles reduced by a great percentage
  • Increased production of Collagen and Elastin in the skin
  • Healthier look and glow of the skin
  • Production of youthful fresh skin cells
  • Noticeable difference in skin in a matter of Days

Using the Complete Rejuvenation System by Dermagist

† Suggested Use: (directions included with package) Apply twice daily.  First, apply the Instant Lifting Serum. Apply a nickel sized amount onto your fingers and massage directly onto your specific problem areas. (crows feet, frown lines, etc.) Next measure a nickel sized amount of Age Defying Serum Serum on the tip of your finger. Carefully apply onto targeted areas. The Third step is a generous application of the Wrinkle Smoothing Cream to the entire face and problem areas. This seals in the active ingredients of the serums with deep-penetrating moisture.   Get your supply here

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