Derm Exclusive Wrinkle Treatment

derm_exclusive_picSummary of Derm Exclusive Wrinkle Treatment

You may have seen this recent addition to the anti aging marketplace.  Beach Body, the makers of P90X and countless other workout videos, has entered into the anti aging skin care game with Derm Exclusive.  In typical beach body fashion, they have flooded the television airwaves with infomercials.  Derm Exclusive chose to feature a celebrity endorsement as well as tout the “Beverly Hills” doctor who created the formula.

If you read our blog here, you know that we consider the celebrity endorsement the lowest form of marketing, and the cliche doctor from a wealthy town, where celebrities are known to live gave us a bad initial impression of Derm Exclusive.  In fact, we considered not including it here on our blog.  

But after we considered the quality of Beach Body’s workout videos and the amount of recognition this brand would be receiving over the course of the next few years, we decided it was best to get ourselves up to speed on Derm Exclusive, so that know whether or not it really lives up to the hype.  We like Minnie Driver, we just wish skin care companies wouldn’t thrust and objectify celebrities in order to increase profits.  We would rather see them spend their money on product development, not paid endorsements.

What Did Our Research Reveal

As most infomercials do nowadays, they are basically selling one product and then offering a bunch of others as a free promotion.  However, Derm Exclusive has actually chosen to use a peptide based formula that was rather impressive.  While they seem to be marketing this product as wrinkle treatment, the bonus gift products should actually function much like a skin tone improvement treatment, removing dark spots and skin imperfections.

The user testimonials we were able to come across of Derm Exclusive have been mixed.  Some love the product, others feel mislead and frustrated.  Keep in mind this product is still brand new, no one really knows how it will function on a massive scale.   Stay tuned, we will keep you posted as more is learned about the latest celebrity endorsed wrinkle cream Derm Exclusive.

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