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Murad Resurgence has been on the market for quite some time and Dr. Murad is well respected within the industry.  You have probably seen the TV infomercial on Sunday mornings.  Joan Lunden and the girls chatting about how happy they are with the results of Resurgence.

Murad Resurgence is a 3 step system.  It is a basic three step approach.  Essentially, there is a cleanser (step one) the treatment cream (step two) and finally a moisturizer to finish (step three).  We say this is a basic approach, because in most cases that is all that is needed.  Get fresh, clean, exfoliated skin.  Apply a cream that helps with the signs of aging and finish with deep moisture cream.  Nowadays, some companies get you so involved with this specific treatment or that specific serum, it can be overwhelming.

Murad offers many different treatments to choose from, but if you are looking for a very general anti-wrinkle type product, then perhaps Murad Resurgence is for you.


What Happened When We Did Our Homework on Murad Resurgence

We found out some interesting facts about the product.  As is the case with many of Dr. Murad’s treatments the active ingredient complex is hormone based.  This means the products are only effective on a small percentage of women.  If your body is not going through certain life changes, specific to aging women, this is not a good option for you.

As you know, messing with hormonal imbalances can be a very difficult line to walk.  Murad Resurgence is a well balanced formula and for what it is designed to do it is of relatively high quality.  The main problem however is that for many women, the product will produce minor results, due to their specific life stage.  It makes recommending it to our readers very difficult, because we cannot ensure that it will even work on you.

Murad Resurgence, as an anti aging treatment, is fine by itself.  But it is just not created for everyone.  When you consider that factor, there are far better wrinkle treatment solutions on the market.  Skin care is too expensive to purchase unless you know it works on your skin type, age and hormonal balances.
Our product testers tried out all of these products, and created a rating for each one. We analyzed the ingredients that each one has, and included that as a factor in our ratings. Also, we took into consideration the ACTUAL PERFORMANCE of the products in each of the four aspects above, and reflected our opinions on the chart below. Lastly, we factored in the satisfaction of our clients who purchased the products.

You are given the opportunity to purchase the best offer that we offer for each product, and also you can click the “read our review” button to see the whole review. Our hope is that the more you know, the better purchase decision you will make.

Feel free to browse all of these products that we offer for you below.

Name Wrinkle Reducing Reducing Age Spots
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Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation SystemDermagist Complete System 5 5 5 5 Learn More
olay pro xOlay Pro-X 2 3 3 2 Learn More
creme de la merCreme La Mer 3 3 2 2 Learn More
strivectin sdStrivectin SD 3 2 3 2 Learn More
La PrairieLa Prairie 2 3 2 3 Learn More
skinlastinSkinlastin 3 2 3 2 Learn More
preveraPrevera 3 3 2 2 Learn More
hty goldHTY Gold 3 3 3 3 Learn More
faitoxFaitox 3 2 2 2 Learn More
derm exclusiveDerm Exclusive 3 3 3 3 Learn More
skincell 29aSkincell Vial 29A 3 2 3 3 Learn More
dermitageDermitage 3 2 3 2 Learn More
envision beautyEnvision Beauty 3 2 3 2 Learn More
olay regeneristOlay Regenerist 2 3 2 2 Learn More

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